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Here at Dainty By Dallas, I want to accessorize the lady who is unapologetic about the way she lives, loves, & adorns herself! i specialize in Colorful, Bold, Sparkly, Dopeness!

whether it's date night, brunch with your besties, or a corporate meeting with the staff, dainty has your jewelry needs covered.

feel free to indulge!

Love, Dallas



I fell in love with accessories at an early age. i used to watch my grandmother get dressed for church. she'd add beautiful gold rings, necklaces, and sparkly earrings to all of her outfits before she was "done". i used to watch in awe.

I do the same exact thing now! if it sparkles, shines, blings, or "sequins", then i absolutely need it! dainty is my love letter to my grandmother. it represents me and every woman like me that loves to stand out and add a little razzle dazzle to her everyday looks.

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